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Fresh Cut Tales: A Collection of Dark Fiction by Kenneth W. Cain

Cover for Fresh Cut Tales:  A Collection of Dark Fiction

Cover for Fresh Cut Tales: A Collection of Dark Fiction

Book Description:

When darkness appears, so will those things that stay hidden during the day, anxiously waiting for you to stumble upon them. And when you do, you will find yourself immersed in a world so bizarre and strange. Will you escape unscathed? Or was it all just some horrible…

My Review:

I received a copy of this from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I have broken down and rated the individual short stories and placed my overall rating at the bottom.

Of Shadows:  A woman was out walking her dog and suddenly wakes up in a cage dangling above the floor.  5*

Avenged:  A cowboy seeks vengeance on the men who killed his crew.  5*

Ordering Out:  An elderly gentleman battles from within whether to call out for pizza again.  (This one made me laugh)  5*

Perfect Little Hands:  A step-father grieves over the coffin of step-daughter.  4*

Inside Out:  An incarcerated man is interviewed by a local newspaper after 15 years of silence.  4*

Shards:  A couple, who never wanted children, find out that they are pregnant.  4*

Twist of Pain:  A young woman steals a baby.  5*

Old Habits:  A man returns from grocery shopping to the cabin he and his wife are staying in for the Summer, but something has gone horribly wrong during his absence.  5*

In the Shadow of the Equine:  A father and son take a trip to an island to see the wild horses run.  4*

Split Ends:  A woman is afflicted with a rare ‘hair’ disease.  4*

Spaceship Earth:  A man finds what he thinks is a manhole cover in the middle of nowhere.  5*

Warmth Within Thy Depths:  A scuba diver is enjoying the ocean when he finds wreckage and a strange cave.  5*

Never Free:  A first-person story of a statue.  5*

Ahote’s Spirit:  An indian brave happens upon a mysterious bird-like creature.  5*

Rebirth:  A man builds a mechanical ‘being’.  5*

Redpath, Stu:  A young man pulls into a diner in the middle of nowheresville.  (AWESOME) 5*

I truly enjoyed this wonderful collection of dark fantasy/horror stories.  Each have their own unique storyline and the outcome is always surprising, and some will make you think.  I will be on the hunt for more from this author.

My overall rating of this awesome collection is 5*.

Highly Recommended.

Recommended Audience:

Anyone above 13 who enjoys reading.  I didn’t find anything that would be inappropriate for this suggestion.

My Ratings:  5 of 5 Stars


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